Who we are

https://www.fortknoxstorageut.com/ is the website associated with Fort Knox Storage Units St George.

Chat Widget

We have a chat widget on our page because it enables us to better assist our customers. By submitting a message to the chat widget, the individual gives consent to receive email or text messages from our company representatives. We use the submitted contact information solely for the purpose of answering business related questions and concerns or communicating other important details about our storage unit facility.


Our website collect cookies and stores limited data such as the customer’s name, email, and phone in the browser to give the chat widget a more personable experience.

Personal Data

Some personal data is collected during the payment process, however, it is safely secured by ESS (Easy Storage Solutions). Fort Knox Storage Units does not collect or store payment information on our own servers. For a more detailed explanation of how Easy Storage Solutions uses the personal data that they collect please review their Privacy Policy.

Who we share your data with

Fort Knox Storage Units only shares your data with the necessary third party software providers that enable us to provide a secure storage facility. We do not share your information with anyone else.